PVGU Skylight

Transforming building facades
into energy generating assets

Pythagoras Solar’s photovoltaic glass unit (PVGU) skylights are designed to replace conventional Insulating glass units (IGUs) in skylight and overhead glazing systems.  This is the first product to simultaneously provide the “triple value” of energy efficiency, solar energy generation, and daylighting.

The PVGU is designed around the form factor of a standard  Insulating glass unit (double paned window) for easy installation and reduction of costs.

By providing optimized daylighting and solar energy generation in a single unit, building designers no longer have to decide between having skylights for light harvesting and solar panels for energy generation.  For overhead glazing systems, the PVGU creates a much more comfortable interior environment by blocking the harsh direct sunlight and converting it into electricity, and allowing the diffuse light to enter the building.