PVGU Window

Transforming building facades into
energy generating assets

Pythagoras Solar’s PVGUs are designed to replace conventional Insulating glass units (IGUs) in curtain wall, window and skylight systems. It is the first product to simultaneously provide energy efficiency, solar energy generation, and optimized daylighting.

This is achieved through patent-pending optics, high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, advanced materials science, and proprietary software design tools. The PVGU is designed around the form factor of a standard insulated glass unit (double paned window).

Current BIPV products suffer from low power conversion efficiencies and low light transmission and inacceptable aesthetics, which have kept them from becoming a mainstream architectural product.

The PVGU’s triple value makes it quickly and easily adopted by the traditionally conservative construction industry and by overcoming barriers to adoption. Now, architects, engineers, construction firms and building owners can easily benefit from its valuable economic benefits.

Pythagoras’ PVGUs are custom made per project just as an IGU would be. The units can be made in any size required.